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This happy journey began with one shop in Kesnand, Pune. Subsequently, we grew with several shops in Pune under the utility of satisfactory service and best in town taste. Guided by the inspiring vision of our Founders Indrajit Tupe, Rajesh Kotwal and Samruddhi Tupe, we are successfully building Caramella’s staunch image in the market.

We are blessed to have a helpful community made up of dynamic shop owners, suppliers, collaborative partners and hardworking factory workers dedicated towards making Caramella’s victorious in every goal. One of the foremost and underlying principles behind establishing Caramella’s was to make people realize that high quality bakery products are for everyone, they are affordable and accessible to the common man out there.

Services we provide

Surprise your special someone with a delicious cake


Our desserts are enriching in taste and delicious! We use original recipes that reflect our rich tradition of quality and flavour. Uncover the secret of great taste spoon by spoon.

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Turn any occasion into an unforgettable celebration! Choose your favourite cake from a range of different flavours. We serve small, mini, large, and premium cakes. Don’t trust us, just taste it!

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Ice creams

Discover our frozen treats! We avoid using preservatives high fructose or any artificial flavour. Gulp a scoop and experience love at first frozen bite!

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Dry Products

You can’t beat the smell of a fresh cream roll just baked out freshly, neither can you resist the crispiness of Khari! Enjoy lip-smacking dry items made by Caramella’s

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Indulge in a variety of mouth watering pastries! Our tempting pastries are made up of flour, sugar, cream and several other ingredients, available in ranges and flavours

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Our assorted items in the menu are perfect to satisfy your mid-meal hunger cravings, that too in the healthiest possible way! Snack it now!

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Our Promises

Vision: Our vision is to create a confectionary brand that leads in quality, service and innovation by delivering absolute customer satisfaction and delight.

Mission: Our mission is to enhance customer experience by providing highest quality bakery products at an effective cost, created in an environment that is clean, safe and hygienic. Keep improving in all aspects of business to be able to sustain long-term success. 

Values: As a company, ISR Samruddhi Foods and the brand Caramella’s is committed towards employee, customer and shareholders satisfaction through ethical business practices and policies.

  • Custom cakes
  • Birthday cakes
  • Premium cakes
  • Designer cakes
  • Customised cakes
  • Vegetarian cakes
  • Wedding cakes
  • Delivery

Our Products

Cakes 95%
Dry Products 95%
Snacks 95%
Ice Cream 95%
Muffins 95%
Desserts 95%
Pastries 95%

Discover our first-class products baked for you with love!