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Amazing Health benefits of Desserts

Do trickling lava cakes make you go crazy? Do cakes layered with chocolate and other toppings skip your heart beat? We know these feelings of feeding the soul. When holding a piece of dessert in hand you often feel that you finally found heaven on earth!

Do we really need a reason to eat desserts? I know the answer is big fat no! But here we are listing out health benefits you get from desserts.

It can help you prevent a heart stroke

According to a 10-year long study performed on 37 thousand Swedish men, aged somewhere between 45 to 79, it was found that those who ate dark chocolate regularly were 17% less likely to experience a stroke!

Instant good mood!
Eating a dessert instantly uplifts your mood, we don’t need to mention any study here because we all have experienced this ourselves, don’t we?
Scientifically speaking, food items with large amounts of carbohydrates helps us release serotonin. Hence, indulging in your favorite dessert positively aids in your emotional well-being.

Deserts are powerhouse of nutrients:
There’s a reason your body craves for good food. Desserts have many nutrients that can actually help your body stay healthy. Depending on the type of dessert, rich sources of whole foods such as vitamins, fibres, antioxidants, etc feed your body for a better you!

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