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Fun Facts About Cake

Cakes are pure love! The internet is filled with various facts and information about everything, but let us help you understand some quick fun facts about cake. Keep reading! 


  • Do you know where the origin of the world cake comes from? The word ‘cake’ originated from Middle english. Also, it is related to an english word called pastry or tart. 
  • The tradition of candles on cakes is said to have started from ancient Greek times. In those times, cakes were made in moon shapes for the Artemis (Goddess of the Moon). The candles reflected moonlight wherein smoke is said to convey devotee’s prayers to Goddess Artemis 
  • In ancient America, there was a rumour among ladies that if you keep a fruit cake under your pillow you’d get a handsome husband. Now how peculiar is that? 
  • Unlike today, cake ingredients were very expensive back in earlier times. Hence, people had to travel to far places. Anything for cake! 
  • The first chocolate cake was made by American cooks! These cooks experimented with the batter and added chocolate which turned out to be delicious! If you love chocolate cakes, say thanks to those cooks! 
  • Google search survey of 2018 says that the most searched food item was unicorn cake
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