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Amazing Health benefits of Desserts

Do trickling lava cakes make you go crazy? Do cakes layered with chocolate and other toppings skip your heart beat? We know these feelings of feeding the soul. When holding a piece of dessert in hand you often feel that you finally found heaven on earth! Do we really need a reason to eat desserts? […]

Fun Facts About Cake

Cakes are pure love! The internet is filled with various facts and information about everything, but let us help you understand some quick fun facts about cake. Keep reading!    Do you know where the origin of the world cake comes from? The word ‘cake’ originated from Middle english. Also, it is related to an […]

Why Do We Love Cakes So Much?

It is quite hard to find a person who doesn’t like or have strong liking toward cakes. We all have our favorite types of cakes, some like sweet, some prefer creamy, whereas others like it dry. But no matter the preference — cake is cake! Which brings us to this question — why is cake […]